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Sprinkler Systems

Best Defense provides skillful fire sprinkler system installation,  inspection, and service at a good price. We cover everything. From small residential style and small CBRF NFPA 13D sprinkler systems, to larger NFPA 13R systems. All the way up to full NFPA 13 systems for businesses, warehouses, manufacturing, and high-rack storage.

Our licensed sprinkler fitters have years of experience and will provide you with a well designed and serviced system at a fair cost. Because, We know the importance of fire sprinkler systems and the life-saving impact they have and can guide you through the code requirements for your area.

To quote the National Fire Protection Association, fire sprinkler systems can reduce the risk of dying from a fire by 80% and reduce property damage by 70%.

We provide full training services for all types of fire extinguisher sprinkler systems, and also offer competitive pricing on sprinkler monitoring. As a full-service life-safety provider, we can also provide you with design, installation, service, and inspection on your fire alarm and other life-safety systems.

Best Defense is Your Source for 5 Year Sprinkler Inspections

The National Fire Protection Association's NFPA 25 Inspection and Testing requirements dictate that quarterly, annual and 5 year inspections are conducted on fire sprinkler systems. The purpose of the 5 year test is to ensure the pipes don't have any blockages that would diminish or completely block the flow of water in the case of a fire.

The 5 year test goes beyond quarterly and annual tests and inspects the interior of the pipe, at both a flushing connection and a sprinkler head at the end of a branch line. Using tools such as a rotating inspection scope, the pipe interior is checked for the presence of MIC (Micro-biologically Influenced Corrosion) as well as sludge and other organic and inorganic materials. The system gauges are to be replaced or tested with a calibration gauge and check valves are to be checked to ensure they operate correctly.

Trust the sprinkler professionals at Best Defense Fire Protection & Security to keep your systems working properly and protecting life and property from fire danger!

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