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Elevator emergency phone monitoring- Because your elevator is already Too Expensive!

Cellevator is a dependable code compliant cellular communicator for elevators to replace your existing and expensive traditional telephone lines with a more cost effective solution.


Cellevator is also an excellent cost effective solution for Area of Refuge Assistance, Two-Way-In-Building communications systems, pool phones, and other communicators requiring telephone voice communications.

Product Features​​
  • 24 hour battery backup time with a minimum of 4hrs talk time

  • More cost effective than traditional phone lines

  • Connects to your existing elevator telephone - or we can coordinate installing a new one.

  • Easy and simple installation process

  • Dependable and well built technology with available monitoring

  • Excellent customer service! (ditch the phone company)

Technical Specs

  • Dependable Verizon Wireless communications

  • Consumes less than 2 watts

  • Can be installed on elevator cab

  • Optional hardwired transformer

  • FCC approved, UL listed communicator

  • Optional power supervision relay

  • Cost effective cellular elevator communications with dependable code compliant technology

The Cellevator was first introduced in 2009. Since that time cellular networks continue to become more compatible and reliable. So much so, that many buildings do not even have traditional phone lines- except for elevators.

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