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Inspection & Monitoring

Best Defense Fire Protection Ensures Your Safety with Fire Alarm Inspections

The functionality of a fire alarm system can be compromised by many things — dust and dirt from remodeling alone can affect proper operations of the systems you use to keep your property, valuables, and family safe. Best Defense’s certified technicians can properly test, inspect and maintain your fire alarm system so it continues to operate properly.


Regular inspection also reduces costs associated with unexpected emergency repairs and costly false alarms. As a single source provider for all your fire inspection needs, our technicians will provide you with your required fire alarm system test along with your sprinkler and extinguisher inspections in just one trip, saving you money.


Fire Sprinkler Inspections

State and local authorities have adopted codes requiring your sprinkler system and backflow preventer to be tested and inspected. Best Defense can affordably assist you in meeting all of the NFPA 25 Inspection and Testing (National Fire Protection Association) requirements for your fire protection system.

These fire sprinkler systems make up the majority of commercial and residential fire protection installations and are highly effective against fire. However, in order to prevent mechanical issues, these units require quarterly, yearly and 5 year monitoring for mechanical issues.

Best Defense is available to provide you with a full inspection or a quote to verify your system is in working order and fully compliant with NFPA requirements.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Best Defense Ensures the Best Fire Alarm Monitoring Services for Your Safety

We partner with AvantGuard to bring you best quality alarm monitoring — when an alarm goes off, interact simultaneously and improve communication and response time and save money.

This allows us to significantly reduce false dispatches, improve response times up to 90%, and reach out to every member on the account at the exact same time.

Temperature Monitoring

Best Defense Protects Your Property with Temperature Monitoring and Freeze Alert Detection

We can install temperature monitoring and freeze alert detection in your home, business, vacation home and cabin and, in most areas, can do so without the need for you to maintain a costly phone line!

Our temperature monitoring systems include installation of a 40 degree thermostat in a central location of your property. In the event of a furnace failure, our system will contract our monitoring station. Operators can then reach out to you or another preferred contact and indicate that indoor temperatures have dropped below 40° and pipes could be in danger of freezing and bursting.

Temperature Monitoring Systems are available for as little as $250 per year with no charge for many installations!


Wireless Monitoring

Best Defense Offers Wireless Fire Alarm Solutions for New and Existing Fire Alarms

International Building Code requirements require new fire alarm systems to be monitored by a remote supervising station. Traditionally this has been accomplished through the use of two telephone lines, which can be very expensive. Not only can two phone lines cost upwards of $100 per month, many businesses no longer have the traditional copper POTS telephone lines required for a fire alarm system.

Several modern solutions exist to save our customers the cost of traditional phone lines, while also providing you with a more robust method of redundant communication for your fire alarm. Best Defense offers AES-Intellinet radio monitoring to our customers throughout much of Wisconsin as well as cellular alarm communicators in areas where AES Coverage is not available.

Contact Best Defense at or at 800-237-8389 to discuss which option is best for you and how we can save you the cost of expensive fire alarm phone lines. AES IntelliNet Radio Mesh Technology


Emergency Elevator Phones Monitoring

Most elevators in Wisconsin require some sort of elevator monitoring which Best Defense can provide at a reasonable price. We install emergency elevator phones or work with your elevator company to have your existing elevator phone connected to our monitoring station.

At our monitoring station, an emergency call from your elevator phone automatically displays your account information — even if the elevator occupant is unable to speak, we can identify the location and contact the authorities.

We can also provide different VOIP or line-sharing options to help with monthly elevator phone bills. Cellevator provides a cost-effective solution for providing ASME 17 compliant voice communications to your elevator and emergency phones without the cost of expensive traditional phone lines. Cellevator delivers voice quality communications using dependable GSM technology which can be more dependable in an emergency that vulnerable, traditional lines.

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