Control your facilities' HVAC systems over the web and take control over your heating and cooling expenses!

Best Defense utilizes EcoBee EMS Energy Management System and IP based thermostat for control of the thermostats in each of our offices and we're experiencing thousands of dollars per year in energy savings!  We're happy to offer you this product as an add-on or stand alone service.

The EMS management console allows you to easily program schedules for heating and cooling.  You'll also have full control over how much control your employees or tenants have over their heat.  We can program your thermostats to fully lock employees out, preventing them from overriding you temperature programs, or we can set the program to allow them temporary control only, with the system reverting back to your schedule automatically after a time that we set.

The EMS management console allows you to access all of your thermostats from one easy to manage page on your desktop and the EcoBee app allows you to easily control your temperature and schedules form your smartphone.


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