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2013 Wisconsin Act 270 establishes a uniform commercial building code in Wisconsin, while allowing municipalities to grandfather fire detection, prevention, and suppression ordinances that relate to the construction, alteration, or addition to a public building or building that is a place of employment.

Grandfathered Ordinances for Town of Brookfield

(2) DESIGN. The design and installation of life safety and fire suppression and alarm systems shall comply with the National Fire Protection Code (NFPA), Wisconsin statutes and Administrative Code), and Town Fire Protection and Life Safety Code.


6. Buildings used as COMM 59 occupancies:

d. Storage or repair garages containing spaces more than three (3) passenger vehicles above or below other occupancies.

e. All garages attached to or part of a passenger terminal.

f. Every building which because of its construction or highly combustible occupancy involves a severe life hazard to its occupants, adjoining property, or constitutes a fire menace in the judgment of the Fire Chief.

g. All buildings where the height exceeds one story require standpipes.


(a) FIRE DEPARTMENT CONNECTION REQUIRED. Except for one and two family dwellings, any sprinkler system installed in the Town shall be provided with at least a single inlet, 2 1/2-inch fire department connection (FDC). Any FDC shall be designed, installed, and located in compliance with COMM 51.24 and NFPA 13, or 13R as appropriate.

(b) MONITORING REQUIRED. Any sprinkler system installed in the Town shall be monitored by an approved central station facility for the flow of water within the system. Any dry sprinkler system installed in the Town shall be further monitored for low air pressure within the system.

(c) RETROACTIVITY. Any sprinkler system installed before the enactment of this ordinance and which is not monitored by an approved central station facility shall have one year to have such service installed and operational.


(b) EXPANSION OR REMODELING. When a building is expanded or remodeled so that more than 25% of the gross interior area of the original building is remodeled or added to and the created building is of a size, type, or use, which if the building were to be constructed new, the entire building shall be subject to the requirements of this code.

(c) In determining the forgoing percentage, successive additions, expansions, or remodeling if made within a period of 20 years shall be aggregated and treated as a single expansion or addition. The 20-year aggregating period of this section shall not be limited by the date of adoption of this section.

(d) Regardless of the percentage of a building remodeling or expansion, if the addition, expansion or remodeled area is of a size or type or for a use which is subject to the provisions of this chapter, the addition, expansion or remodeled area must conform to the requirements of this chapter.


(1) The installation of a sprinkler system shall not supersede the requirements for the installation of Fire Department standpipes.

(b) Standpipe systems shall be designed and installed in accordance with NFPA 14 "Standard for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems", the most current Edition.


(1) LOCATION. Not withstanding the provisions of COMM 51.22 and NFPA 10 fire extinguishers shall be located in the path of egress as close to an exit door as possible.

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