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2013 Wisconsin Act 270 establishes a uniform commercial building code in Wisconsin, while allowing municipalities to grandfather fire detection, prevention, and suppression ordinances that relate to the construction, alteration, or addition to a public building or building that is a place of employment.

Grandfathered Ordinances for Osceola
§ 92-2. Fire Prevention Code.

A. Wisconsin Administrative Code adopted. Chapter 6.s, Wisconsin Administrative Code, is adopted by reference and made a part of this chapter as if set out in full.

B. Violations. A violation of any provisions thereof shall be a violation of this chapter.

C. Fire limits. The fire limits of the Village are established as follows: the Village plus townships, or any portion thereof, are served by contract

§ 92-3. Smoke detectors.

B. Approval. A smoke detector required under this section shall be approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc.

C. Installation and maintenance. A smoke detector required under this section shall be installed according to the directions and specifications of the manufacturer and maintained in good working order.

D. Requirement. The owner of a residential building shall install and maintain a smoke detector in each sleeping area of each unit, in the basement and at the head of the stairway on each floor level of the building.

§ 92-5. Commercial Building Code.

C. Adoption of codes. The following Wisconsin Administrative Codes, their referenced codes and standards and subsequent revisions are adopted for municipal enforcement by the Building Inspector:

Chapter Subject

COMM/ILHR 61 to 6s Wisconsin Uniform Building Code

COMM/ILHR 75 to 79 Existing Buildings Code

COMM/ILHR 70 Historic Building Code

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