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Sun Prairie

2013 Wisconsin Act 270 establishes a uniform commercial building code in Wisconsin, while allowing municipalities to grandfather fire detection, prevention, and suppression ordinances that relate to the construction, alteration, or addition to a public building or building that is a place of employment.

Grandfathered Ordinances for Sun Prairie
8.12.020 - Fire Prevention Code.

A. Title; Adopted. This chapter shall be known as the "City of Sun Prairie Fire Prevention Code". The most current edition and any subsequent editions of the following are adopted by reference and made a part of the Sun Prairie Fire Prevention Code:

NFPA 1, Fire Prevention Code of the National Fire Protection Association and its incorporated standards and codes as published in the National Fire Codes of the National Fire Protection Association.

The following Wisconsin Administrative Codes:

SPS 305 - Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations

SPS 307 - Explosives and Fireworks

SPS 310 - Flammable, Combustible, and Hazardous Liquids

SPS 314 - Fire Prevention

SPS 316 - Electrical Standards

SPS 328 - Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

SPS 330 - Fire Department Safety and Health

SPS 340 - Gas Systems

SPS 343 - Anhydrous Ammonia

SPS 361 to 366 - Wisconsin Commercial Building Code

SPS 375 to 379 - Buildings Constructed Prior to 1914

In the case of conflict between any provisions in this chapter, the Wisconsin Administrative Code, or NFPA 1, the code containing the strictest provisions shall apply.

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