Wisconsin Building codes require Carbon Monoxide CO Detection in the majority of occupancies.  Carbon Monoxide is known as the "silent killer" as was responsible for 5,149 deaths between 1999 and 2010 according to the Center for Disease control.  

Best Defense offers Carbon Monoxide CO Detector solutions starting with simple stand alone low voltage detectors for the monitored detection of Carbon Monoxide in businesses, homes, schools, apartments, and hotels, to advanced networked CO Detection systems for parking garages, industrial applications, and large boiler rooms.  As a Honeywell partner, Best Defense offers monitored CO detection solutions from System Sensor as well as Honeywell Analytics.

Common Detectors for monitored CO Detection

System Sensor CO 1224 CO Detector
 System Sensor CO 1224 Carbon monoxide detectors provide an effective solution for monitored CO detection when combined with a listed Fire Alarm Control panel.  These detectors are affordable and easily installed.  Commonly used in mechanical rooms, corridors, areas by fireplaces, furnace rooms, and pool mechanical rooms.
honeywell analytics e3 point Carbon Monoxide Detector
Honeywell E3 Point

 E3Point gas monitors provide an excellent solution for Carbon Monoxide Detection in commercial environments.  Best Defense commonly installs these for underground parking facilities in offices, condos, and apartments.  E3Point detectors can be configured to control relays activating exhaust fans, and open exhaust dampers.  In boiler rooms, hotels, pool equipment rooms and other applications the E3Point outputs can be connected to a Best Defense fire alarm for remote supervision or alarm notification.

E3Point detectors are networkable for larger applications and Best Defense offers large, industrial grade networked solutions from Honeywell Analytics for large industrial gas monitoring solutions.

Addressable combination Smoke CO Detector
Addressable combination Smoke CO Detector

Silent Knight Farenhyt and Gamewell FCI each offer Addressable Combination Smoke CO detectors.  

These detectors install cost effectively by saving labor as part of your fire alarm system.  These detectors are effective at meeting the requirements for corridor CO detection in Wisconsin apartment and hotel / motel R1/R2 occupancies.

A helpful video outlining the hazard, sources, and solutions of Carbon Monoxide from Honeywell System Sensor


Video: Honeywell Analytics E3 Point Gas Monitoring Systems provide a cost effective yet powerful solution for monitoring a number of hazardous gasses including Carbon Monoxide.  Best Defense installs these for boiler rooms, parking garages, laundry facilities, and other locations where CO gas is a high potential hazard.

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