ASME 17 Compliant Wireless Elevator Communicator

Elevator Monitoring and Emergency Phones

Most elevators in Wisconsin require some sort of elevator monitoring. Click this link for the code: ELEVATOR PHONES
Best Defense can provide elevator monitoring at a reasonable price. In some applications we install emergency elevator phones as shown to the right. In other applications we work with your elevator company to have them program your existing elevator phone to dial our monitoring station.
At our monitoring station, the call from your elevator phone automatically pulls up your account information off caller ID. Even if the elevator occupant is unable to speak, we can identify the location and contact the authorities you choose to have us contact.
Best Defense can also provide you with different VOIP or line sharing options to help you save on your monthly elevator phone bill.


Cost-Effective Elevator Monitoring Provides Increased Dependability

Cellevator provides a cost-effective solution for providing ASME 17 compliant voice communications to your elevator and emergency phones without the cost of expensive traditional phone lines. Cellevator delivers voice quality communications using dependable GSM technology that can be more dependable in an emergency than vulnerable traditional phone lines.


Technical Specs of our Cellevators include:

  • GSM Technology
  • 16.5 Volt Primary Voltage
  • 12 Volt DC 24-Hour Battery Backup
  • Connects to existing Elevator and Emergency Phones
  • Supports Caller ID
  • Single Strength Indicator
  • Adjustable Volume Gain
  • Includes 5dB Antenna
  • Consumes less than 2 watts
  • Can be installed on elevator cab