Our digital video recorders include remote viewing software that allows you to view live or recorded video from your computer. Through the internet, or over your internal network, you will be able to view and control your digital video. Ever wonder what is happening while you are away? Now you’ll know! The remote monitoring software also allows you to record video directly to your computer. From there you will be able to save video, print images and even email the video to the authorities. Contact Us for More Info!

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Exacqvision Network Video Recorders are popular solutions for IP Video recording for businesses from small to large!  Below is the live feed off one of the City of Madison Exacqvision Video Management Servers recording Madison area traffic.

Click on any of the cameras below to view in full screen.  Each image is presented in very low resolution compared to our typical cameras.  Click here for the direct link | City of Madison Exacqvision Server

Exacqvision city of Madison traffic cameras