Wireless Alarm Monitoring

Best Defense offers Wireless Fire Alarm Solutions for new and existing fire alarms.

International Building Code requirements require new fire alarm systems to be monitored by a remote supervising station. Traditionally this has been accomplished through the use of two telephone lines, which can be very expensive! Not only can two phone lines cost upwards of $100.00 per month, many businesses no longer have the traditional copper POTS telephone lines required for a fire alarm system.

Several modern solutions exist to save our customers the cost of traditional phone lines, while also providing you with a more robust method of redundant communication for your fire alarm. Best Defense offers AES-Intellinet radio monitoring to our customers throughout much of Wisconsin as well as cellular alarm communicators in areas where AES Coverage is not available.

Contact Best Defense at 800-237-8389 to discuss which option is best for you and how we can save you the cost of expensive fire alarm phone lines.