Below are some interesting informational videos on sprinkler systems, how they function, and how they can benefit you. 


NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative

Yes, sprinkler systems REALLY do save lives! Three minutes of your time watching this video and you'll be a believer! Sprinkler systems provide the benefit of preventing flashover, protecting you, yours, and the responding fire fighters.

How Do Sprinklers Know There’s A Fire?

So, do all the heads go off at once? Check this video out for the answer! Thanks to Hollywood we get this question quite often. This information video dispels the myth!

Fire Sprinkler Systems Explained

One of the best informational videos we've seen on the basics of fire sprinkler operation. British, so it's a bit "cheeky", but the information is good.

The Station Night Club Fire

On the night of Thursday, February 20th, 2003 a tragic loss at the Station Night Club in West Warwick, Rhode Island changed the fire protection industry forever. Many know this as the "Great White" fire as the headline band for the packed evening performance was Great White. This tragic fire cost the lives of 100 dead, and 230 injured with only 132 escaping the building without injury, yet this was only the 4th deadliest night-club fire in US history. In this case, the building fire alarm was sounding within seconds of the fire starting, yet 100 died. Many lessons were learned that night that we see reflected in modern building codes. Warning: Graphic.

Christmas Tree Fire

Water your Christmas Tree!!! Christmas trees, once dried, create a tremendous fire hazard for your family and your home.

Sprinkler Test For The Tyco K17 ESFR Upright

High rack storage is a challenging fire risk for your property. ESFR fire sprinklers are an effective solution at managing the risk. They effectively suppress fires by displacing a LOT of water on the fire area.


Fresno Fire Department Sprinkler Humor

Kudos to the Fresno Fire Department for utilizing humor in demonstrating the effectiveness of either a live-in personal fire fighter or a home fire sprinkler system. Love this!

Fireman Saves Kitten

Not all heroes wear capes, but they should all wear GoPros! This story has a happy ending, but reminds us that an effective sprinkler system and fire alarm can save our pets, who become helplessly trapped in homes when left alone and a fire occurs. In this video you'll see the devastating effect of smoke damage on the home, and on the helpless kitten.